TATE / RANDOM ACTS: Jackie Kay (2017)

A film directed by Lindsey Dryden. Part of the Queer British Art Tate exhibition.

Poet, writer and Third Scots Makar (poet laureate) Jackie tells an emotive story about her 12 year old self writing her first ever novel, ‘One Person, Two Names’ - about a little girl who goes on the run from herself. The film explores what identity means today to Jackie, and reveals how storytelling and imagination can offer us a way to live with – and grow to love – our many identities.

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UNREST : feature documentary (2017)


A Shella Films & Little By Little Films co-production

Directed by Jennifer Brea. Produced by Jennifer Brea, Lindsey Dryden, Patricia E. Gillespie

Jennifer, a Harvard PhD student, was signing a check at a restaurant when she found she could not write her own name. Months before her wedding, she became progressively more ill, losing the ability even to sit in a wheelchair. When doctors told her it was "all in her head," she turned her camera on herself and her community, a hidden world of millions confined to their homes bedrooms by ME, commonly called chronic fatigue syndrome. 

Winner Sundance 2017 Special Jury Award For Editing






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LOST AND SOUND : feature documentary 

Directed by Lindsey Dryden. Produced by Lindsey Dryden & Kat Mansoor

A pianist, dancer and music critic try to rediscover music after they lose their hearing. Can they find a way to get music back again… and can music find them?

World Premiere SXSW 2012

Nominated ‘Best Female-Directed Film’ – Sheffield Doc/Fest 2012

Nominated ‘Best Emerging UK Filmmaker’ – London Open City Docs Fest 2012

“A unique insight into the human condition . . . likely to stay with you long after the credits have rolled.” ‒DocGeeks

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Created by Jennifer Brea, Amaury La Burthe
Co-Produced by Jennifer Brea, Arnaud Colinart, Lindsey Dryden, Amaury La Burthe & Grégoire Parain

An immersive journey into an invisible illness, this interactive non-fiction experience contrasts the painful solitary confinement of a bedroom world with the kinetic freedom of an inner dreamscape. When you’re too sick to leave your bed, where do you go?

Wold premiere Tribeca Film Festival Virtual Arcade 2017

Co-producers: Shella Films, Ex Nihilo, Little By Little Films, Novelab by AudioGaming

Executive Producers: Diana Barrett, Katherine Phillips

Co-Executive Producers: Nion McEvoy & Leslie Berriman